Pam Eidson, ME.d., PAPHS

Eidson-100x118Pam Eidson’s early career experiences in tobacco control shaped her views of how physical activity should be approached. In 1999, as health promotion director for the Georgia Division of Public Health, she hired a program manager to address active transportation and coordinated a series of brown bag lunches for her office to hear about land use and design topics. Two years later, she organized training on physical activity and nutrition environmental change approaches for local public health representatives around the state. During her 11 years at the association Directors of Health Promotion & Education, the project that gave her the most satisfaction to manage was launching the staffing for a network of physical activity coordinators, the predecessor of today’s National Physical Activity Society. She has been back with the Society since late 2013. Ms. Eidson has earned certification as a Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist (PAPHS) and has a Master’s degree in health promotion and behavior from the University of Georgia.