Ken Resnicow

Resnicow-100x118Ken Resnicow is the Irwin Rosenstock Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education at University of Michigan School of Public Health and Professor of Pediatrics in the School of Medicine. His research interests include: use of Motivational Interviewing and tailored E-Health intervention to address prevention and management of chronic diseases, organ donation, medical adherence, and screening behaviors. Much of his work focusses on African Americans and other ethnic/racial minorities addressing the relationship between ethnicity and health behaviors. He has trained over 1000 health professionals in motivational interviewing in both academic and health care delivery settings. His work is informed by Chaos Theory, Complexity Science, and Self Determination Theory.

Current studies include: An NIH-funded project to test the impact of ethnic and novel motivational tailoring of colorectal screening materials for African Americans; two Department of Transplantation studies to increase organ donation rates among African Americans working in Michigan “Greek” organizations, churches, and dialysis centers; and an NIH-funded study to reduce obesity using Motivational Interviewing working with the American Academy of Pediatrics PROS practices. He has published over 250 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and has served on numerous advisory panels and review groups.

He is also president of Academic Assistance, a health care consulting and Motivational Interviewing training firm.  Recent and current corporate and health care delivery clients include Aetna, AmeriHealth Caritas, Principal Financial, Nationwide, the Veterans Administration, numerous universities, and the National Health Group of Singapore.  This work has focused on designing and implementing health coaching and disease management programs for health care delivery systems using motivational interviewing and novel behavioral interventions.