About the Plan

The U.S. National Physical Activity Plan (NPAP) is a comprehensive set of policies, programs, and initiatives that aim to increase physical activity in all segments of the American population.

NPAP is the product of a private/public collaborative. Hundreds of organizations are working together to change our communities in ways that will enable every American to be physically active at a sufficient level.

The Plan aims to create a national culture that supports physically active lifestyles. Its ultimate purpose is to improve health, prevent disease and disability, and enhance quality of life.

NPAP is comprised of recommendations from 9 societal sectors

  • Business & Industry
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Mass Media
  • Parks, Recreation, Fitness & Sport
  • Public Health
  • Transportation, Land Use & Community Design
  • Volunteer & Nonprofit

In the next version of the plan a ninth sector for Faith-based settings will be added.