One day, all Americans . . .

Event imageThe National Physical Activity Plan vision is that, one day, all Americans will be physically active and will live, work and play in environments that facilitate regular physical activity. You can help make this vision a reality by working with experts, organizational partners, state liaisons and other leaders at the 2015 NPAP Congress.

The National Physical Activity Plan
In 2010, a comprehensive plan was released outlining a set of policies, programs and initiatives designed to achieve the NPAP vision. Much progress has been made, and now it’s time to celebrate, evaluate and collaborate on the next iteration of the Plan.

You’ll Do Real Work at NPAP Congress 2015

  • Shape the future of the National Physical Activity Plan with unique “you-design-it” participation that helps set priorities and directions for the 2015 Plan.
  • Author and evaluate physical activity concepts during breakout groups
  • Receive implementation steps, metrics and timelines for use in a wide range of settings
  • Network with peers, practitioners and others
  • Become a voting delegate at the Congress, and help move a nation

Make the Move!